Completed PhDs

Mette Sommer Lindsay, 2021

Deaf-led businesses from a sociological perspective. A new emerging work space for deaf people.
(Supervisors: Prof Jemina Napier and Prof Kate Sang)

Christopher Tester, 2021

Deaf Interpreter’s perceptions and experiences of their interpreting process in the courts
(Supervisors: Prof Jemina Napier and Dr Owen Harrington-Fernandez)

Emmy Kauling, 2020

Perceptions on the Discursive (co-)construction of Professional Identities of Deaf and Hearing Participants in an Interpreted Event
(Supervisors: Prof Jemina Napier and Prof Graham Turner)

Danny McDougall, 2020

Space and the Role of Sign Language Interpreters in the Theatre
(Supervisors: Prof Jemina Napier and Dr Annelies Kusters)

Michael Richardson, 2020

The Participation of Deaf People in Theatre
(Supervisors: Dr Kerstin Pfeiffer and Dr Svenja Wurm)

Robert Skinner, 2020

British Sign Language and Video-mediated Interpreting: proximity in police settings
(Supervisors: Prof Jemina Napier and Prof Nick Fyfe, University of Dundee)

Heather Mole, 2018

Perceptions of Power Dynamics in the Signed Language Interpreting Profession
(Supervisors: Prof Jemina Napier and Dr Katerina Strani)

Stacey Webb, 2017

External and Internal Demands Faced by Sign Language Interpreter Educators and How They Contribute to Student Outcomes
(Supervisors: Prof Jemina Napier and Dr Svenja Wurm)

Robyn Dean, 2015

Sign Language Interpreters’ Ethical Discourse and Moral Reasoning Patterns
(Supervisors: Prof Graham Turner and Dr Svenja Wurm)

Xiao Zhao, 2015

Constructing Linguistic Identity and Interpreting: a case study of SL interpreting on Chinese television for high-profile political conferences
Supervisors: Dr Svenja Wurm and Prof Graham Turner)

Jules Dickinson, 2010

Interpreting in a Community of Practice. A Sociolinguistic Study of the Signed Language Interpreter’s Role in Workplace Discourse
(Supervisors: Prof Graham Turner and Prof Isabelle Perez)